FESTIVAL JAZZINTY 2021 (16.—21. 8. 2021)

Jazzinty 2021, amidst the global post-pandemic time and its consequences, is presenting itself in a fresh, renovated and adjusted form. With its new concept, the workshop and the accompanying festival are focusing on the pandemic-effected culture and music, especially young musicians. We strive to look for a unique voice, creativity, innovation and a personal touch in our mentors and performers. The curating policy of the Jazzinty production 2021 is establishing a consistent model of programming, which focuses on Slovenian artists and creative composers from the younger musical generation.

The stars of the Jazzinty 2021 festival are young Slovenian musicians and composers, which did or will release their own album and focus on vocal jazz and lyricism, reflecting the time we’re living in. We want the meaning and the impact of lyrics to be brought forward, which is often forgotten in vocal jazz music. The lyrics are often a representation of a generation and society. The performers in the first segment of the festival (Monday - Wednesday) are the representatives of a new, young generation of Slovenian composers, who didn’t have the opportunity to present their work on bigger festival stages yet. They are bachelors of universities abroad, who began their musical path in Slovenia and moved back, when they completed their studies.  This represents the opposite of the brain drain, which is present in most countries nowadays. The performers represent creativity and strong personal voices. Most of the performers were Jazzinty workshop participants, where they built their network and got the important information about university applications. Consequently, they complete the Jazzinty life circle, which we are nurturing for the past 20 years.

CONCERT PROGRAMME /to be announced soon/